A fatal error has occurred while updating your device blackberry

10-May-2016 08:22

Hi not sure if this is the right place for this but I can connect to desktop manager however when I get to App loader add/remove new I get this A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. I'm using an 8310 on Voda UK v4.2.2.146 All I am trying to do is get bbm and app store and a browser. & also one thing more that is under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, Black Berry smartphone is not being found there as well. To the Mac OSX people, I'm using the mac BB desktop with OSX (10.6.7) and it will connect with my BB (8530). This occurs both on my laptop and desk top and I have reinstalled the software and changed cables etc.. I have connected it to my PC, which doesn't recognuse the USB device and the BB desktop manager doesn't see the phone either. I have started working my way through all the above recommendations and, following Dubdub's instructions I accessed Device Manager (Windows 7). but DM displays "troubleshoot connectivity" and some times connect's fine but sometimes no matter what it doesn't! My phone charges and everything, but the file just doesn't pop up in My Computer. The only thing that for sure is happened in that I downloaded the MPR software onto my media/storarge card. Under Black Berryi downloaded the new BB software for my 9700 and now the calender won't sync when i connect to my PC. Just so you guys know I have media card support enabled (mass storage) on my phone and my phone does show in the devices and printers.

a fatal error has occurred while updating your device blackberry-69

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Your program files may be missing or damaged, for example, or your profile may be corrupted.

Then i clicked on Application loader and then next after add/remove programs.

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