Dating a homebody

24-Sep-2016 02:48

Something else we didn't quite connect on was dancing. My back was to the rest of the restaurant, and when I turned around I saw the place was empty. She had this project she was working on, and I had to be at work at . He dropped me off, and we bid each other good night in Spanish. Ron: I didn't ask for her information, and even if she had given me her number, I don't know where it would have gone from that point. I had a good time, for sure, [but] I never got any indications she would want to hang out again.

Gina-Gail: We got along pretty well, [but] we would probably be more buddies. I'm not a go-outside-and-play person as much as he seems to be. So at one point during dinner, we were talking, and I heard an echo.

What- skipping overcrowded bars and messy restaurants, ditching the door covers and valet tips gotta show somewhere, right? They can whip up good food, real fast recipes at home that please the palate.Back then, career-oriented Jason spent most of his free time studying in his dorm room, while Leigh Ann would go out with friends. Jason, 24, works a 9-to-5 job in public relations and likes relaxing at home.

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