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All participants were aged between 20 to 24 and were asked 13 questions about their sexual status.The pair found that four out of five women are unable to reach orgasm through penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation.The one I saw was unbearably slow, boring, badly acted, horribly edited and scored.If someone put a gun to my head and told me to sit through this again, I'd take the bullet and end my misery quicker.Aliens (2009), Water for Elephants (2011), and Sing (2016).In 2014, Witherspoon produced the thriller Gone Girl and received critical acclaim for portraying Cheryl Strayed in Wild, for which she earned her second Academy Award nomination for Best Actress and a fourth Golden Globe nomination.Ejaculation was also found to be common among women, with just under half reporting to have experienced it at some point in their sexual lives.Dr Delvin added: 'We also found that ejaculation of fluid at the moment of orgasm is quite common.'Nearly 40 per cent of women said that they had done it at some stage in their lives.' Last week, a woman claimed to be able to climax over 60 times during sex.

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See more » Obviously there are two versions of this film in theaters.

Slowly life unravels for them all without understanding how.

In spite of their perceived struggles, they all go on to live defined lives without any serious consequences.

Doctors used to think that multiple orgasms were rare. Seven in 10 women are able to climax numerous times with their partner.

In fact, hitting the big 'O' more than once during a steamy session is common in most relationships, a study shows.

And two per cent of British women even claim they are able to climax 20 times during their time beneath the sheets.