Dating my elgin wristwatch

14-Oct-2016 10:49

People frequently want to know how much their antique or vintage watch is worth.

Unfortunately, determining your watch's value is a hard question to answer.

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Elgin engineers built their own Observatory to maintain scientifically precise times in their watches.

The following is an outline of some of the details that an appraiser must consider.

The more important and more common items have added descriptions.

It is very important to not use the serial number on the case because that is completely unrelated to the movement serial number.

Table of Contents How to Open a Watch Case Why the Movement and Case Serial Numbers Are Unrelated Are Case Serial Numbers Useful For Anything? "Jeweler Marks" Accuracy of the Estimates of When Watches Were Made The Better Way to Determine the Date Serial Number Data Table While opening a watch isn't rocket science, a watch can be damaged if you try to open it incorrectly. If you really aren't sure what to do, take it to one of your local jewelers and ask them to show you how to open it.The Elgin National Watch Company was founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinois as the National Watch Company, and some of the organizers were later to become the some of the biggest names in the American watch industry: J. Elgin watches remain extremely popular with collectors today because they are plentiful, can be obtained at reasonable prices, and can be relatively easily repaired due to the large number of watches and parts available. Throughout their history, the Elgin National Watch Company was known for horological innovations.

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