Dating someone physically unattractive

19-Feb-2016 13:48

so my question is how can you go about dating someone who your not that attracted to but scared to loose them because your scare you wount meet someone else who wiill treat you that way. You need to start learning how to give to them..... I would rather date someone that i wasnt physically attracted to and be treated right than date someone that I was attracted to and treated me wrong ...I think it's a shame when a person can publicly come onto a site to tell the whole world how they REALLY feel about a person...can't say it directly to their face..... Angl Flyn If he changed the way he dressed, is there a chance you might like him then? I think you should let him go as gently as possible, and keep your hopes up for another guy who you're attracted to AND will treat you right.But there is a part of me that wonders if I'm missing my blessing. You have already stated that you truly feel he is not the one for you.Knowing that, why string him along with false hopes that there may be more than a friendship in the future.

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– stir certain instincts in us all but attractive people also benefit from the halo effect.Ive been dating this guy , for about 4 months now he's really great in the way he treats me he literally treats me like a princess, he;s a really nice guy , very goal oriented to sum it up everything that im seeking in a man i've had my fair share of losers in my past.

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