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25-Aug-2016 01:34

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Basically I have a details view with product information in it, when the user clicks edit it goes into edit mode when I change any of the fields and click update it updates but with the old values.

Here is my detailsview: I tried adding a label to my page and then once updated Name had been assigned the value of the textbox I tried assigning that value to the label and it printed out the old product name not the one in the textbox.

I can't see anything wrong with the code and it's driving me mad. hi, i think you miss something, try to see the table where you save the value of the fields you entered if it change anything, if it change anything, then you have put some code on your SP that retrieves data after the UPDATE code that you have.

The product table is not updating with the new values.

There is no error or exception thrown, the row simply fails to update or delete.

That is why I choose the uniqueidentifier to be my primary key.How do I update from two Details View controls using thebuilt-in Update button of one control? I want to update my database with the values in both the first and second Details View controls when I click the Update button on the first control. Cannot update inner details View controls on Updating Hi, i have a details View and an access Data Source control, and i created a template field out of a normal data base field.Actually, I want to do the same thing with the Insert(Add) button. I added to the edit item template of that field a simple label control, and i want to change the color of the control to red, whenever the user updates the page.I think the problem is to do with the new values from the textbox not being retrieved.

As when I assign updated Name to Label1 it displays the old product name value and not the one in the textbox.The problem is when I have a row that contains column with a null value it will not update or delete. Actually I fixed (circumvented) the problem by not allowing any nulls in all columns.

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