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It makes for an interesting exercise in historiography.

For example, on page 18 she tells that her mother’s family, the Josephs, owned Noblesville’s biggest brewery. Calling it the biggest brewery in the town isn’t inaccurate.

But the Oscar winner also knows her way around a good joke—and she's not afraid to work blue.

At the Mo MA screening of her new film Mirren made a dirty wisecrack to Page Six. " she started, before finishing her own joke."It's because," she said, while holding her hands a few inches apart, "they've always been told that's nine inches."It's not uncommon for disruptive humor to come out of the dame's mouth.

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Considering how they liked to jump out at people and growl at them, it didn’t seem too unlikely. Or, you know, practically any other zombie-themed piece of media?

M6 & Def Tactical – Pitchblack (Def's Tactical Operations Mix) – ( - )05.