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It allows a component to generate asynchronous requests on the necessary event demand and with partial update of page content after a response incoming from the server.Id['s] (in format of call Component()) of components, rendered in case of Ajax Request caused by this component.

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during Apply Request Values phase of the request processing lifecycle), rather than waiting until the Invoke Application phase On every keyup event generated by an input field, form is submitted on the server via Ajax and on a response coming from the server, element with "repeater" id, founded in a DOM tree is redrawn according to a new data from the response.

Please note that this is not a changelog as it only lists changes that may cause backward compatibility issues in your applications.

Dominik Wei-Feig has posted "JSF: Data Table and Command Link," in which he says that Like a lot of other programmers who are forced to work with JSF, I fell into THE TRAP!

This is the migration guide to different Prime Faces versions.

Feel free to drop a comment to add any missing points. In this tutorial we won't be presenting complete set of tags along with all available attributes-common, HTML or DHTML.

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