Updating access records in vb6

03-Aug-2016 01:39

updating access records in vb6-67

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Then I can just change the record which displaying in the text box.

And click update, then the record will be updated in the database.

Update int Write Count = int Write Count 1 End If rs2. Active Con, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only If rs2. EOF Then rs("Date Field") = Format$(rs2("Date"), "dd mmm yy h:mm:ss") rs. Open "select reference,value1,datefield from datetable where field1 = 'value1' " & _ "order by reference", obj Audit Con.

updating access records in vb6-79

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A new Data Set by the name of your database will be created.Close You're essentially, it looks to me(I haven't used VB6 & ADO in 10 years), loading up your record initial recordset, checking a value, and if that value is not null running a second select THEN updating the recordset.... EOF int Read Count = int Read Count 1 Do Events If Not Is Null(rs("value1")) Then test Array = Split(rs("value1"), ",") obj Comm. Close your select statement is still there as you can see, it's a sub select now, the advantage being huge, you're not drawing records to the server, then updating them. Jordan, I realise there are better ways of writing the code.You can instead of doing all this just create a command object Declare these before your loops Rather than doing a 2nd discreet select, pulling the data in, then doing an update and pushing it back out just push out an update statement. Command Text = "UPDATE Date Table SET Date Field = (SELECT Date FROM TBL_Test Table WHERE Record_URN = '" & test Array(1) & "'") obj Comm. You're sending the server a statement to do the updating. However, the original question asked specifically about why the record count keeps incresasing by 1 record every few seconds and then reducing by 1 record immediately. Perhaps the constant updates are causing the index to return some slightly divergent value. So someone please tell me what stupid amateur mistake I'm making here. Hi all, I'm trying to update a record in a table with data from text boxes on a form.

I know I have to do some sort of search on the records because I need to ensure I'm changing the correct one. ) It seems to me that all I should do is something like this: Set db = Current Db Set rs = db.

Hi all, I'm trying to update a record in a table with data from text boxes on a form.